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TheirTime on your mobile phone

Avoid embarassment. Find out their time before you dial long distance. Is it three hours later or earlier on the other coast? Is it tomorrow or yesterday in Tokyo?

image from m3gate. See m3gate.comSimple to use. Just enter the phone number and it does the rest - you don't need to know the city name or the time zone, it figures out daylight savings time. Works for nearly every number on earth. When you see their time, you decide if you want to go through with dialing. If you have a mobile phone with wireless web access your mobile carrier may already have it on your phone's menu. If not, request it from your carrier. For some it's free and for others there is a small fee involved.

Did you know that 15 U.S. states have more than one time zone? Did you know that Mexico has hundreds of area codes and 3 time zones, and that daylight savings time occurs on different days in different states, and changes from year to year depending on Supreme Court rulings? Finding the correct time is no simple matter.


Frequently Asked questions

Q How do I get access to it?
A You can only get it if your wireless carrier makes it available. There are currently 30 million people with access to it. Call your carrier's customer service line and ask if they make it available.

Q How much does it cost?
A Your carrier determines whether to charge for it and how much. In some cases it is a small amount per use and in other cases, it is a fixed cost for unlimited use.

Q Will it work on all mobile phones?
A Most phones in existence can support wap 1.0 which is enough to look up the time, provided that your plan allows you wireless internet access. Most phones made in the past year or two can support wap 1.2 which is what you need to dial the number by pressing a single button. It works a little differently on different types of phones like GSM and CDMA among others, but this is handled automatically. Some phones can dial a "+" sign, but to avoid confusion TheirTime asks for digits only.

Q Does it calculate daylight savings time?
A Yes, even if the place you are calling has unusual rules for daylight savings time.

Q Do I need to know the name of the place I am calling or its time zone?
A No. Just the phone number. If you were an expert in geography, then you would probably already know what time it is everywhere.

Q How many cities does this work for?
A We would like to say all of them. But here are some current limitations. If you're calling a mobile satellite service such as Iridium, it doesn't know the time. Same for toll-free numbers like 1-800 numbers. It can't tell eastern from western Greenland. We are still researching Russia outside Moscow, as well as certain other countries with many time zones. Certain U.S. counties whose time zone differs from the rest of the state may be incorrect, although almost all are correct. Let us know if you find an error.

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