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Pronunciation Key
AA odd
AE at
AH hut
AO ought
AW cow
AY hide
B be
CH cheese
D dee
DH thee
ER hurt
EY ate
F fee
G green
HH he
IH it
IY eat
JH gee
K key
L lee
M me
N knee
NG ping
OW oat
OY toy
P pee
R read
S sea
SH she
T tea
TH theta
UH hood
UW two
V vee
W we
Y yield
Z zee
ZH seizure
The numbers show what vowel sounds to stress
0 No stress
1 Primary stress
2 Secondary stress
Source: The Carnegie Mellon University Pronouncing Dictionary
Pronunciation using North American English

Homophones sound alike but have different spellings and meanings.