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Exercise contributed by Karen Stanley, Central Piedmont Community College, Charlotte North Carolina.

This dictionary exercise involves having students select *which* of several possible definitions fits a word as it is used in a particular context.

This involves using guessing from context clues, and is especially good for students who resist guessing from context (thinking it would be much better to just look the word up).

For this exercise, you need short passages (ie, enough context) with words that have multiple meanings.

Instructions: Double-click on the underlined words to get the definitions.


    Because of the fire code, there is a cap on the total number of people who can be in the room at the same time. As a result, classes held in that room are limited to 30.

Look up "cap" in your dictionary. How many definitions of cap are there?

Some of the definitions are for a verb and some are for a noun. Is "cap" in this example a verb or a noun? How do you know?

Which of the definitions best fits this use?

What about the word "code"? How many definitions does it have in your dictionary?

Is it a noun or a verb in this example?

Which definition is best for "code" as it is used in this example?

Why did you select that definition?

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