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LookWAYup is a product of RES Inc. We are located in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada), visit http://res.ca/ for more. RES is a privately held firm with products in the areas of education, computational linguistics, e-commerce, and mobile internet. Our customers are throughout the world. The partner in charge of LookWAYup is Dr. Martin Laplante. His background includes research in the areas of AI and computational linguistics, including information retrieval and text summarization. All but 40,000 of the English words come from Princeton's WordNet. Some of our contributions to WordNet databases we have put in the public domain, see the Princeton WordNet web site for more details. This is probably the most complete dictionary/thesaurus implementation of WordNet, in that it includes some obscure or discontinued features of WordNet - Semantic Concordance, Frames, Cousins, and so forth. The pronunciation comes from Carnegie Mellon University. You may occasionally see something coming from the SUMO ontology, to which we are proud to have contributed. The other languages come from a variety of sources, but mostly our own staff and volunteers and public domain sources. The algorithms for morphology and spelling correction are all ours, as is the UKify filter to translate from American to English. The graphic design for this current web site was developed by SofteXpert of Chisinau, Moldova.

Our innovative products are possible thanks to the effort of our partners who provide innovative technology products and services that work with LookWAYup.

The reviews are in! LookWAYup is renowned worldwide.

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Most light personal use of LookWAYup is free. We can't afford to provide these services to heavy users and to hackers for free. In particular if you use it for translation jobs or if you or several computers on the same network use it more than about 10 times a day, please obtain a licence or we will cut you off. The licensed version is better anyway, and the price is very low.

To license LookWAYup for your company, ministry, or school district, or to discuss other licensing and integration opportunities, contact :

Please note: when we say "free" we do not mean public domain. This is free as in "free beer" not free as in "free speech". You can not copy parts of it and re-use it without permission. All contents on this web site are protected by copyright but much of it can be copied and re-used free of charge if and only if you get the permission of the copyright holders. Ask us - it's even less work than stealing and you can get it as a database file.

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