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Reviews of LookWAYup

and a few sites we like even with no review

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Wireless (international) "as easy as it gets... finally a WAP dictionary that works"

Telemoveis (Portugal) "Excelente dicionário de inglês"

Terra (Spain) "LookWAYup es todo indispensable para tu dispositivo"

Wireless Computing, May 2002 issue, "What's The Big Deal With Going Wireless?" "can enhance the wireless scholastic experience"

Openwave (international) * * * * * Content, * * * * * Technical

Connecting Times (Singapore) "Know your words with LookWAYup"

Seek4Wap (Sweden) top Cool Site "Easy navigation!"

Handango (U.S.) The most downloaded reference application for Palm.

Palm Boulevard Top 3 in its category

Orange - Top 5 Reference & useful sites for SPV, popular site

Mobile Computers (Russia) "Popular Dictionary" (in Russian)

Fonco (China)

i-go i-mode portal(Netherlands & Belgium)

PDA-Forum (Germany)

Finpuppy Yellow Cow Smart Phone site


PDAology "This one is formatted properly for PDAs unlike the Merriam-Webster entry"

Media UK Pocket Web (U.K.)

Cool Micro (France) wireless (international)

Starbuckk (U.S.)

PDA Phone Home Le guide i-mode (France) "dictionnaire ultra complet"

Working Smarter "optimally organized"

Blackberry Browser, Research in Motion (International)

Phone Reader (France)

(Review of wap site in Greek)

Mobilbasen (Sweden) "Du kan dessutom översätta engelska ord till ett antal språk"

Aneas WAP Directory

Wap Review ***** Content ***** Usability

Dazzlewap, from your pc/mobile/cellphone/pda (U.K.) "For all those wappers who cant spell lol"

Browser version

Netscape contest winner Cool TabFirst "Tab of the Day" contest winner

Web_Marker (Italy) "strumenti alcuni siti che, a giudizio dei suoi esperti, sono tra i migliori"

Search Engine Watch (international) in "12 Cool Sites and Tools for Searchers"

myOpera Community (international) Sidebar Panels directory

the Scout Report (U.S.)

Wilder's Security Forum (U.S.)"Is LookWAYup safe? We have been using it for some time now and it is actually a very good spy-free program."

BulPort (Bulgari) Panels in Mozilla and Opera (In Bulgarian)

PC Today magazine Office Tip of the Day: "Forget Microsoft Office’s flakey spelling and grammar checker. Toss your paper thesaurus and check out LookWAYup."

Languages and Translation

Groupe Eurêka (France) "Une application surprenante"

MasterMind Explorer "Breakthrough tool"

UNESCO (international)

Visa i-language (Moldova) (international) "We have found the ability of LookWAYup to account for linguistic differences in spelling, to provide a variety of definitions and corresponding word choice(s), and to give usage example(s) all particularly noteworthy and unique in trans-lingual machine dictionary look-up utilities"

Word2Word (international)

European Society for the Study of English (International)

Volterre-Fr (France)English and French Language Resources

Free Translation 1-800-Translate (U.S.)

Prospector - Directory of Free Stuff

Astral Info (Romania)Esentialul despre cautarea pe Internet. "Un dictionar bun este LookWAYup"

Karen Chung's Language and Linguistics Links (Taiwan)

ProZ : KudoZ Translation Questions (International)

Taal.Start (Netherlands)

Spanish New York

FINFO (Denmark) in Danish and Vietnamese

Omniglot (international)

English-Romanian-French Translation (Romania)

Language Marketplace (Canada)

Resources for Language Learners by Andrew Quilley (U.K.)

Vertaal (Netherlands)

AllWords (International) Popular Dictionaries "an extensive integrated thesaurus"

FreeLang (France)

Recursos para aprender idiomas

Netlangs Language Learning (Zimbabwe)

Translator Products (Romania) "I choose for this one because of their fine dictionary and thesaurus and -especially- for their support of Dutch."

Moodle (guest login required) (International)

Translating the World (International)

El Hispano

dicoForum (Germany)

Online Language Translation (UK)

One Stop Language (UK, Luxembourg, France) "Excellent dictionary to add to websites"

Pia Helminen (née Hannukainen) (Finland)

Study Languages (international) German, English, Spanish, French or Italian language courses abroad.

101 Languages, online language resource

Squidoo Translation Engines "Lens" (what's a lens?) "Don't worry about spelling, this dictionary fixes it"

Lingo24 Free Language and Translation Tools unique concordance-based paraphrase finder in English and Arabic

Babblefish translation, exchange rates, maps, travel info, other language tools

Acronym Finder over 500,000 acronyms

Language Directory

Sonia-portuguese (Singapore/Brazil) Learning contemporary Brazilian Portuguese

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