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LookWAYup for Schools and Intranets

If you're a teacher, then you know a dictionary is a valuable tool for learning. A well-designed online dictionary is particularly useful for computer-assisted language learning. Contact us to find a qualified reseller in your area.  If you have an innovative idea for testing the service on a small scale, and you are a non-profit volunteer organization, or recognized nonprofit educational organization, fees for the English-only version may be waived for you, but you must register with us.

Licensing gives your users use the full version, with translation to the language of their choice, and other added features, with significant discounts over the individual license fee. An intranet version hosted by you is also available. Contact us for details at

The best way to make LookWAYup available on an intranet for your employees or students is to install it on the browsers (see Make LookWAYup part of your browser ). The entire functionality is on the (browser version-specific) hyper link in the Links bar or personal toolbar or sidebar. You can copy the browser configuration to individual computers using standard deployment tools. If you are a school, contact us for the installation code for a school version.

There is another way to install LookWAYup in your Internet Explorer browser 4 & above in Windows, which involves a simple registry change. This version will show up in the standard buttons bar rather than in the Links bar, and in the right-click menu. To install click here and select "Open this file from its current location". If you have customized your toolbars in the past you may then have to activate it: Select View|Toolbars|Customize... then pick LookWAYup from the list. (Click to uninstall)

There are also ways to make LookWAYup available to your employees or students without changing the configuration of the browsers. One way is to have a hyperlink that brings up LookWAYup in a new window. For IE5, it is in the search window to the left of the screen.

LookWAYup window

To put this presentation of LookWAYup on your page, copy the following code to your page. Do not attempt to make changes to this code. Terms and conditions

For a bit of educational fun, you can start them up with the Word of the second game, optionally adapted by reading level Simple word of the second, or Advanced word of the second

To put this presentation of LookWAYup on your page, copy the following code to your page. You can replace "your.domain" with your own domain name. This allows your site to be searched using the search engines.

Suitability for Children

Like any dictionary, LookWAYup provides definitions for some slang and vulgar words. While it is not our policy to censor the English language, some software such as Net Nanny can be configured to filter these out. Most of the search engines that LookWAYup links with have some type of a family filter, including Alta Vista, Google, Yahoo, and Lycos. Some, like LycosZone, are designed for children. It is up to you to configure search engine preferences so that objectionable web sites are filtered out. This usually requires that your browser accept cookies.

Some of the pages contain advertising or sponsored links to e-commerce sites. It is our policy to not accept advertising aimed at children. If you would like a version of LookWAYup that gives you more control over advertising and search engines, or other customizations, please contact us.

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