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Sample pages that have been enabled with the webmaster version, no installation required! – Double-click on any word, even if it doesn't look clickable.

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How to put it on your web site

First, read and agree to the following terms of use.

Paste the code below into every page and frame on your web site where you want this feature activated. Exactly the same line on every page, no need to customize. Put it just before the </HEAD> tag or the </BODY> tag.

That's all there is to it!

If you don't want the pulsing message, there are plenty of other ways to put LookWAYup on your page. Pick one that suits you Alternative presentations of LookWAYup on your site

Link to the dictionary! Use this link: LookWAYup online dictionary, thesaurus, translation

Link to a translation dictionary

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Send a message to to let us know the URL of your site, the type of site, the number of pages, and the traffic on your site. This helps us plan for the future. If your site is particularly informative, we may even add it to the "More on this Subject" section.

How to optimize your site for it

LookWAYup works best when your pages have short, meaningful titles and short, meaningful "keywords" meta tags. On some browsers, the keywords are noted and used for extended search.

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Eschew obfuscation, prolixity, opacity and reconditeness. Approbate limpidity, pellucidity, and monosemy!

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* This service is currently free to sites having less than 1,000 visits per day on average. For non-profit volunteer organizations, fees are waived for sites having up to 25,000 visits per day, but you must register with us. Licensing lets visitors to your site use the full version, with translation, on your site. Contact us for details
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