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wireless PDA and wap mobile phones

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Use it on your mobile phone

If you have a mobile phone with wireless web access or another WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) device, point it to wap.lookwayup.com. Many mobile carriers already put the LookWAYup wireless dictionary on your phone's menu. If not, request it from your carrier. For some it's free and for others there is a minuscule fee involved and a premium version. Note: this URL won't work with a regular browser.

For your wireless Palm device

If you have a Palm device with access to the mobile internet, you can download this free software: Download (English) Version Franšaise This "web clipping application" gives you access to LookWAYup dictionary through a mobile internet connection.

For your RIM Blackberry

If you have a Blackberry with the GoAmerica browser, point it to this URL http://lookwayup.com/ and follow the "Blackberry" link to use LookWAYup and optionally install the icon for fast access. If you've got a different browser, then the wap version may be best for you.  You can usually find it on your mobile internet menu under "dictionary".

Handheld & settop boxes

Some wireless PDAs need the wap version (above) or this generic mobile dictionary for handheld devices. It also works quite well for WebTV and other settop box browsers

Symbian, Nokia Communicator, xHTML and WAP2

Some newer wireless PDAs and mobile phones, particularly those that have colour, work best with our xHTML dictionary


If you have an i-mode mobile phone from NTT DoCoMo or some carriers in Europe, then point it to lookwayup.com/i Note: this URL won't work with a regular mobile phone.

SPV or Smartphone

If you have a Microsoft Smartphone, for instance through Orange, also called SPV (Sound, Picture, Video) then you can take LookWAYup dictionary on the road. It's currently one of the top 5 sites. From the Orange menu, click on Search/Explore or Useful sites (only reachable using Orange Smartphones.

If you have a Microsoft-based handheld computer, just go to lookwayup.com and select handheld and settop.

Vodafone Live!

If you are a Vodafone subscriber and have access to "Vodafone Live!" then in many countries you can choose to sign up for the LookWAYup premium dictionary service, in colour and with translation. It is available in a variety of languages.

Other Wireless products from RES

Our company provides a variety of wireless products and games. For instance, the LinkS-wap graphical link engine works on wap and a variety of other wireless platforms. Your wireless carrier may already carry TheirTime lets you check the current time before you call someone, by just dialing the number. We also provide specialized dictionaries for things like finance, computing, and law.

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