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LookWAYup can be licensed for individual use, for corporate/educational intranet use, for web sites, for wireless carriers, and for development.

For individuals, LookWAYup Free Version has limited features for home use. For a small annual fee, it is possible to upgrade to the Full version for a trial period.

For corporate/intranet use, two possibilities exist. Either we host the software, in which case licensing is determined by the number of potential seats, or you host the software, in which case there is also a cost per server.

LookWAYup can be installed on web sites. Licensing fees are waived for small web sites and for small-to-medium nonprofit educational sites (details here). When it is licensed, the version of LookWAYup on your site can be customized for things like advertising, search engines, translation, language, etc.

If you are a wireless carrier interested in providing a highly-rated multi-lingual dictionary and thesaurus to your subscribers using WAP, SMS, xHTML, or other wireless protocols, then please >

Finally, LookWAYup is the web-based interface to an intelligent reusable multilingual dictionary and semantic network. It uses a ridiculously elegant, portable, and inexpensive database. Ask us about the LookWAYup concept spotter - it figures out the topic of a document within a few words and disambiguates words having multiple senses. Our morphology engine and spelling corrector works with text "in the wild", even tolerates misspelled words.

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