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American Press Institute (formerly The Journalist's Toolbox) (U.S.) "much larger dictionary sizes than most online services"

Writing for Performance (U.K.)

Webgrammar (U.S.)

Web Alley (International)

Communication Expressway Issue 18 (U.S.)

The Quotations Page

Judy Vorfeld's editing and writing services site (U.S.)

Editor and Publisher Magazine "allow readers to look up the definition of any word in any story"

Poynter Online "can turn a news website (well, any site) into a full-time dictionary"

American Press Institute (U.S.)

Writing English (Canada)

English Writing Services, technical editing

Personal pages and blogs

SeaKai's Web Filter (Belgium)) "If you can't find it there, it probably doesn't exist"

LogiLogi Blog "I would rather suggest adding something like for easy lookup of unknown words on the translate page."

Hezu's Homepage (Finland)

Wiki Features Wiki (International)

Jan Prins Web page (Netherlands)

Harry Forsdick Web page (U.S.) "Check this out some more"

Open Access News

dilettante surfs the web

Pages by Roger Grott

Bob Jensen, Trinity University (U.S.) Helper Site of the Week --- "This Works for Me!"

The Daily Twirl (U.S.)

Fractal Wiki

George School Class of 1954 (U.S.)

404 magazine (Netherlands) "Klik een onbekend of moeilijk woord aan op een site en er verschijnt een pop-up met de betekenis van het woord. Het woordenboek biedt ook vertalingen naar het Nederlands aan."

Ritsma family (Netherlands)

The Madman Manifesto "searches for compatible words/spelling/reference. I've yet to discover all the bells & whistles"

Quest Gems family-safe resources

Plotinus, kooky aesthetician who likes 18th-century thought (U.S.) "doesn't seem half bad"

BizTools Brief "snazzy service!"

Online dictionaries and thesauruses for a Finnish IT student

This and That (France) "Need a dictionary? Just type the words on this site!" (Netherlands) "heb ik nu een andere (wellicht betere) site die makkelijk in gebruik is en goede resultaten oplevert, zinniger dan die van Worldlingo in het geval wat ik zocht. Lookwayup heet het en het is ook een soort verklaringswoordenboek, zodat je het goede woord voor die context hebt."

LeoTheMasteR (Turkey)

Josie's #1 Fan

Better Editor Online Resources for Editors and Writers

Web Directories

ZWYX Directory (France)

Joe Ant

SearchEngineZ (Australia)

Gimpsy (International)

Lanka Link (Sri Lanka) Best dictionary links

Free Searching

One Big Index

One Big Directory

Kamous References Internet Guide

Good Site? Vote at: Starting Point Directory Directory


The Albanian Directory (Albania)

Search Language


Black Stump (Australia)

Broadband DSL Reports "Wow!"

Data & Analysis Center for Software (U.S. Department of Defense)

AN ELECTRONIC TERM LIST (ETL), Fred W. Riggs, University of Hawaii (U.S.)

The web masters den

Petroleum Institute (Abu Dhabi)

Findlaw General Reference Sites

The Blue Ribbon Website Awards

Hints and Things (UK) "this is a most useful site"

Mommy's Place.NET (US) "This is an awesome program!" Gold Seal for Superb Reference Site

Clear English

Multi Busca (Portugal)

Little Engine (U.S.)


Solution Studio Inc (Canada)

Diocese of Johannesburg Resources for Priests (South Africa)

Tim's Web Page Directory (Canada)

Webheads discussion group

Liens Utiles (Belgium)

Word Safari (U.S.)

Lonely Planet (international) "Full definitions and also works on mobile devices."

Eye-home (Netherlands) "I found myself searching for a good online dictionary, now I found one! This is much better than freedict or travlang's dictionaries"

Inidia (Germany)

Lost Luggage Tales (U.S.) - Travel the world... Tell your tales...

ISONavigator, ISO 9001 training (U.K.) "If English is not your first language here is an online translator"

Faktainfart (Sweden)

Cycling passes & climbs of Europe

Netherlands Genealogy Research Links

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

FractalWiki (Belgium)

Robert Williams Bookmarks

Francis Pisani, in El País (Spain), Reforma (Mexico), El Diario de Hoy (El Salvador) "LookWayUp, puede ser un diccionario más inteligente"

404 magazine (Netherlands) "woordenboeken, vertaaldiensten en spellingcontrole van websites combineert" Canada's Cultural Gateway (Canada)

Alle-Kiski Today Online (U.S.) Cool Web Sites for Kids

SurfStart (Belgium)

BudPage Website for Thai Buddhists and future generations (in Thai)

susXchange platform for intercultural exchange (Germany)

the Ball family of Hastings (U.K.)

Encyclopedie goedbegin (Netherlands)

ZYRA (UK) Interesting eccentric site with thousands of pages of useful information on a wealth of subjects

Vadino Freeware & Shareware

Information Technology Lawyers (Canada)

Chemicool Chemistry Dictionary

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